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Group of Cupcake Animals

Cupcake Animals is a CGI Computer-animated Children's Preschool TV-series produced by Sony Pictures Animation, animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks and distributed by DHX Media, Sony Pictures Television, Sony Pictures Television International, Ragdoll and BRB Internacional.


it will have never-ending many lots of episodes


  • TBA
  • Animation and FX by Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Produced by Sony Pictures Animation


  • Po - Polar Bear Cupcake
  • La - Bear Cupcake
  • Choo - Giant Panda Cupcake
  • Moe - Mouse Cupcake
  • Nick - Chipmunk Cupcake
  • Sam - Cat Cupcake
  • Tom - Dog Cupcake
  • Neo - Rabbit Cupcake


Main Character's GalleryEdit